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Vicodin Addiction

The signs and symptoms of Vicodin addiction may not always be evident at first but in time, the individual who is addicted will begin to suffer greatly and this suffering can easily be passed on to their friends and family members too. Vicodin addiction causes heartbreak, terror and most of all hardship that affects thousands of individuals and their loved ones each day. From the very first time that Vicodin is used, the risk of addiction becomes a possibility, and with each subsequent use of this dangerous narcotic, this risk increases ten-fold.

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Signs of Vicodin Addiction

The most common signs of Vicodin addiction typically begin when an individual either takes more of the drug than they are prescribed or if they begin to use the drug for recreational purposes despite a lack of prescription. Long term use of Vicodin can lead to increased tolerance which results in social withdrawal, a lack of concentration, constricted pupils, and neglecting responsibilities at work, home or school. When an individual is addicted to Vicodin and they stop taking the medication, withdrawal symptoms will begin which can be very uncomfortable and hard to deal with for the addict. Read more about the signs of Vicodin addiction here.

Vicodin Addiction Symptoms

The symptoms of Vicodin addiction include many physical problems such as withdrawal, having cravings for the drug, hiding the drug or the drug use from friends or family members and feeling sick or otherwise unhappy unless using Vicodin. Many other symptoms may become evident as the user continues to abuse Vicodin and some of these symptoms may even become severe enough to warrant the need for immediate medical care. Some of the most severe symptoms of Vicodin addiction include hallucinations, seizures, tremors and increased heartbeat. Read more about Vicodin addiction symptoms here.

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Vicodin Addiction Side Effects

The side effects of Vicodin addiction have include a range of consequences for both the addict and for all of those who care about the addict. For instance, those addicted to Vicodin may suffer dire financial problems as a result of losing their job, getting in trouble with the law and having to pay fines or spending all of their money on drugs. Likewise, those involved with the addict such as friends or family members also suffer the side effects of consequences of the Vicodin addiction because they are subjected to the user asking for money, borrowing and not paying the money back, stealing their belongings to sell for drugs, or for children, not paying the bills which can lead to foreclosure or eviction from the home, utilities being shut off and other problems. Read more about Vicodin addiction side effects here.

Recognizing Addiction to Vicodin

The tell-tale signs of Vicodin addiction include a lack of motivation unless Vicodin is available, using more and more of the drug, spending more time at the doctor or trying to find the drug and making up excuses that have to do with the drug. Recognizing the signs of Vicodin addiction early on can help both the addict and their loved ones to get the help and support that they need before the consequences and negative effects of the addiction have become severe. Early detection is the key to successful Vicodin addiction treatment. Read more about recognizing addiction to Vicodin here.

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Long Term Effects of Vicodin Addiction

For the addict, the long term effects of Vicodin addiction may remain in the picture for many months or even years after the addiction is treated. For instance, many recovering Vicodin addicts still crave the drug many years after they stop using it and some even have difficulty getting “back to normal” after treatment. Many find it difficult to find happiness as a result of the changes that happen within the chemical makeup of the brain when Vicodin is used for a prolonged period of time. Read more about the long term effects of Vicodin addiction here.

Need free or low-cost treatment? Find free, state funded or low cost treatment options.

Treatment Options