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Recognizing Vicodin Addiction Symptoms

Vicodin is an opioid drug considered high risk for abuse, dependency, and addiction. As with all opioid based drugs, dependency develops after continued use and the body becomes adjusted to having this drug in the system. Addiction occurs when the individual becomes psychologically dependent on drug and is compelled to use it beyond any reasonable or adverse circumstances. A physical dependency can occur in any individual, whether using the drug legitimately or not, and Vicodin addiction symptoms may go unnoticed or may be hard to identify in individuals who use Vicodin for medical purposes. The euphoric effects produced by Vicodin, the ease of acquiring it illegitimately, its low cost, and the abundant availability makes this drug one of the most desired substances of abuse in people of all ages. Being able to recognize symptoms of addiction is a key to helping the individual gain the appropriate treatment they need.

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Treatment Options

Physical Vicodin Addiction Symptoms

Vicodin addiction only gets worse in time. As the body becomes adjusted to having this drug in its system, tolerance levels increase and regular use of the drug is required to prevent the addict from suffering withdrawals symptoms similar to the flu. Increased tolerance also means that more of the drug will be necessary to obtain the same desired effect or “high”. Vicodin addicts often “nod off” or appear extremely drowsy. They tend to increase dosages unaware that this drug also includes varying amounts of acetaminophen which can contribute to severe health complications including kidney, liver, respiratory, and cardio problems.

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Psychological Vicodin Addiction Symptoms

The most easily recognized Vicodin addiction symptoms are those that involve unexplainable changes in mood, behaviors, social involvements, finance, and functionality. The Vicodin addict is compelled to use this drug to feel normal or achieve a psychological satisfaction. The cravings are overwhelming and emotional stability becomes fragile. The addict may suffer from episodes of anger, anxiety, depression, fear of lack of the drug, guilt, denial, confusion, and inability to cope with any stressful factor. These symptoms, in turn, cause the addict to begin avoiding family and friends, to seek relationships revolving around obtaining Vicodin, to seek seclusion, and to disregard the negative impact they may have on others. In essence, these issues become more severe in chronic, long term users and may result in other mental health issues or concerns.

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