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Long Term Effects of Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin addiction poses many threats to one’s health both physically and psychologically. There is also the concern for effects on relationships, finance, and other social issues that are impacted negatively by this addiction. Most addicts are unaware of the dangers that may be associated with use of this drug and the resulting consequences may be severe, permanent, or fatal. Vicodin is a combination of hydrocodone and acetaminophen. It usually comes in pill form with varying amounts of each. Because the drug produces increased tolerance levels, most addicts prefer the higher dosages of the opiate, hydrocodone, without realizing the health risks of too much acetaminophen. Co-occurring addictions or dual diagnosis and other health complications may make Vicodin addiction effects difficult to recognize but, make no mistake, chronic addiction to this drug is dangerous to the addict’s health.

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Physical Long Term Effects of Vicodin Addiction

Long term effects of Vicodin addiction can be attributed to liver damage, kidney damage, respiratory failures, pulmonary failures, heart attacks and stroke. It has a higher potential for coma and death when mixed with alcohol or other drugs such as barbiturates or sedatives. The Vicodin addict will increase dosages and durations of use as the tolerance levels increase and the acetaminophen can cause diseases of the liver and kidneys. As the euphoric properties of the opiate obstruct pathways of endorphins and neurological responses in the brain and central nervous system, these cells become damage and no longer responsive or they respond in inappropriate ways. This damage can complicate the functions of other organs and contribute to more dangers in the health of the addict. Most Vicodin addicts will suffer many adverse effects that may or may not be reversible. Once the damage has been done, the end results are unpredictable.

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Emotional Long Term Effects of Vicodin Addiction

Vicodin addicts may experience uncontrollable episodes of irritability, depression, anxiety, fear, guilt, and inability to manage stress. The duration and intensity of these episodes will increase with use and the long term effects of Vicodin addiction will contribute to negative consequences that may be permanent or cause other mental health disorders. Their behaviors may be damaging to friends, family, and associates and cause the addict to neglect or abuse the individuals that are closest to them, creating mental health issues in them as well.

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