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Understanding Vicodin Addiction

As the number of Vicodin addictions continues to rise, treatment centers recognize the need to address these cases with specific focus. Vicodin is among the most often abused narcotics in society today. It contains hydrocodone, a semi-synthetic opiate that produces a euphoric “high” and poses a high risk potential for addiction. Many cases of Vicodin addiction have been found among teens and young adults who gain access to the drug through friends or family members. There is a misconception that this drug is potentially harmless and yet, nothing could be further from the truth. The drug also contains acetaminophen which is extremely harmful and possibly fatal when taken in large amounts. As the addict’s tolerance levels increase, more of the drug is required to produce the desired “high”, while the acetaminophen dosages are usually ignored. The intense cravings for this drug will cause the addict to use it regardless of the consequences and damage to their health. Medical staff and professionals at Vicodin addiction treatment centers recognize the importance of addressing all of these issues and have a common goal to support the addict with proper attention to their needs.

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Treatment for Vicodin Addiction

While some issues may be common among Vicodin addicts, others may be more complicated with physical impairments and mental health disorders. Treatment for Vicodin addiction encompasses the variety of issues that plague a Vicodin addict. Traditional treatment programs include a detox process followed by individual and group counseling sessions, therapy support,and after care programs such as 12 step meetings. This drug, however, poses threats to the addict’s physical and mental health and other treatment resources may be necessary. Impairments can be evaluated upon intake to a treatment center and, when necessary, medical resources, including medications, are made available. Treatment for Vicodin addiction requires behavioral modifications to change the way the addict responds to stress factors and to reestablish a sense of normalcy during sobriety. Participation in an outpatient treatment program may be sufficient for some addicts to recover, but others may need the more intense services offered through an inpatient program. These inpatient programs vary in methods and duration, but they allow the addict time to adjust to sobriety with freedom from outside stress factors. Studies show that the more time the addict attends one of these programs, the greater their chances of a successful recovery.

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