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Considering Vicodin Addiction Treatment Options

Seeking treatment for Vicodin addiction may seem like a daunting task, but researching the various Vicodin addiction treatment options can prove beneficial. Effective treatment needs to have long, lasting benefits. It is important to know that addicts respond differently to the various treatment methods available and experimentations with different methods may be necessary before finding the right one. When an addict realizes the need for treatment, time is of the essence and a decision should be made as soon as possible. When the dependency levels or behavioral changes become uncontrollable, these individuals may be extremely confused and delay seeking treatment for a variety of reasons. There may be questions regarding facility types and treatments offered, detox management, therapy methods, and whether or not to attend outpatient or inpatient programs. Duration and participation requirements will vary with alternative options of resource and medical access, staff support, and family involvement programs. Lifestyle concerns play an important role in determining the right Vicodin addiction treatment option and one must consider the financial, legal, employment, and social impacts that they will incur during participation. All of these concerns may be valid, but should never be a deterrent from immediately getting help.

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Treatment Options

Vicodin Addiction Treatment Options

The goal of any Vicodin addiction treatment plan is to ensure the greatest chance of permanent recovery for the addict. Vicodin addiction treatment options involve effective therapy approaches which are pharmacological and behavioral. While some therapy options may be more appealing than others, standard treatment involves detox, counseling, and therapy support. Many treatment options offer a variety of environments including outpatient or inpatient, residential, private, luxurious, or facilities that provide extra amenities. The programs vary in duration and may offer alternative therapy programs such as spiritual, holistic, adventure, art, and yoga. In any of these programs, the addict must decide which one is most appropriate for them and which one will prove the most successful with long term recovery. The pharmacological Vicodin addiction treatment options use medications such as naltrexone, methadone, and buprenorphine as long lasting opioid antagonists that block the effects that opioid use may have on the addict. These drugs are less likely to cause physical damage and eliminate withdrawal symptoms while reducing cravings for the drug. The medications are prescribed by certified physicians who continue monitoring the addict through recovery.

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