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Vicodin Withdrawals

Prescription drugs, like Vicodin can cause a myriad of side effects for its users, including physical withdrawal symptoms when the user stops taking the medication abruptly. This happens because the body becomes physically dependent on the drug when it is used for an extended length of time or when it is used in excess. Overuse and misuse can both trigger dependency in individuals. The physical symptoms of withdrawal are usually painful, but at best they are largely uncomfortable. In addition to physical symptoms, most people will go through psychological symptoms as well. The most common psychological symptom of Vicodin withdrawal is an insatiable need for more of the drug.

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Withdrawal Symptoms

Because every person is different, each person experiences withdrawal differently. In fact, each time someone goes through withdrawals they can have a different set of symptoms. With this is in mind, it is difficult to tell you exactly what you might feel, so we will discuss the most common range of symptoms for Vicodin withdrawal. Some of the first signs that people will experience are irritability, chills and muscle aches, so these can be tell-tale signs of withdrawal. Many people complain of an inability to sleep, yawning, runny eyes and nose, and dilated pupils. Some of the most severe physical symptoms include sweating profusely, high fevers, and nausea and vomiting. The one symptom that you can be sure to feel is an intense craving to use again. Additionally, many people report feelings of depression during the Vicodin withdrawal timeline.

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Vicodin Withdrawal Timeline

Vicodin has a short timespan before the user begins to feel withdrawals and therefore the Vicodin withdrawal timeline begins almost hours after the last dose. So, when a person stops taking Vicodin abruptly withdrawal symptoms can be experienced in as little as 6 to 12 hours. This means that individuals need to maintain their high at all times in order to not feel these effects. The intensity felt from the withdrawal symptoms can vary greatly, but depend on the level of addiction in the user. In addition to the fast onset of these symptoms, the Vicodin withdrawal timeline can last for several days. Most Vicodin withdrawals are at their strongest for as long as 24 to 72 hours of the timeline before they begin to reduce down. This means that individuals could experience these symptoms for days on end, and is why home detox is not recommended. In order to detox safely from Vicodin or any other prescription medications, you need to check yourself into a medical detox program.

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